For Business

Everyday business throw money away without even being aware of it. One of the big areas of unknown money loss is through a companies computers. By implementing Powerwise power management software, most companies can see a $25-$60 per computer per year. This is a significant savings

Businesses with 10 computers to 10,000 computers can see significant savings by implementing Powerwise.  The more computers your business has, the bigger the prospective savings can be.

The following is an excerpt from a recent NetWorld article, date May 18th, 2010, Why Green IT Isn’t Enough If You Want to Cut Energy Costs

“IT Director Gordon Katz estimates that by setting employees’ computer monitors to sleep when they aren’t being used, he saves his company enough electricity in a year to light the Cleveland Browns’ football stadium for two seasons. He’s sure this saves money for Ohio-based law firm of Porter Wright Morris and Arthur; he just doesn’t know how much.”


For Health Care

Cutting costs and identifying ways to trim budgets is a high priority at most health care institutions.  Industry leaders have known that a computer”s power consumption has been a big problem.  They have bought more efficient computers, monitors and other office items in order to save money.  Powerwise will help these companies save even more money by efficiently shutting PCs off and turning them back on as needed.  Powerwise optimizes a computer’s schedule so that it is only consuming power when it needs to be.  The following case study describes how one such health care institution benefited from PC power management software.

  • A large New England health care organization has deployed PC power management software on more than 27,000 of its networked PC’s. The health care provider has realized a 39.5% reduction in energy costs, resulting in more than $1 million in annual savings.
  • “We are able to centrally manage and measure our PC energy consumption without interfering with end-user productivity and importantly were able to recognize a return on investment within three to six months.”


For Education

Educators know all about tight budgets and reduced spending.  Every year administration officials have to decide what programs to keep and what programs to cut back.  The EPA estimates that education could save billions of dollars by implementing power savings initiatives.

One of the easiest ways for schools and universities to save money is by using power management software throughout their school networks.  A typical school can save between $25 and $60 per computer per year by deploying Powerwise PC power management software.  Some computers need to be on all the time, others need to be on during regular school hours and others only need to be on for occasional use throughout the day.  And, often IT personnel need to have the computers on at night to run system updates, patches, upgrades and other maintenance.  The default practice at many schools is to just leave the computers on rather than manually turning them on and off.

Powerwise is the solution for schools, school districts, colleges and universities!

  • With Powerwise PC power management software you can decide which computers to put to sleep/wake up and when to do it
  • Computers that need to be on will be on when in use and when they don’t need to be on, they can be switched automatically to a low power mode
  • When IT personnel need to run an upgrade, they can easily “wake up” any or all  computers and put them back to sleep when they are done
  • Control is  centralized and can be activated remotely if needed

And, with incentives and rebates from local power companies the cost is substantially reduced or even free in many cases.

For Government

  • A major East Coast City recently installed power management software on 1500 computers in one department in order to test out the benefits of pc power management software.   Within two months, the city found that they had reduced energy consumption by 44%!  In addition, they found that they will have saved between $25 & $30 per pc per year which would give them a 6 month return-on-investment (ROI) with Powerwise license prices.  This test installation went so well that they decided to roll out the software to other areas/deparments within the city government.
  • A west coast city recently implemented power management software and reduced its energy costs by more than 30 percent, resulting in a return on investment within 12 months and the elimination of 137,890 pounds of greenhouse gasses annually.

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